We are intended to continually expand. Think of a pond of stagnant water. You probably can see and smell exactly what I am talking about. Now think of a moutain stream vibrant and flowing.  Which image are imagining for yourself. It is easy to find ourselves in a “comfort zone”

Maria Benning will expand your thinking. She is a Manifest Mastermind Featured Professional with an amazing story and talent. I personally have experienced her healing energy and as a member of Manifest Mastermind you can connect with her in our Private Community.  Members receive a special discount from all of our featured professionals. However, you don’t have to pay extra to connect with them and all of our members right now. Click Here To Start with our $1.00 30 Day Trial

Here is one of Maria’s recent articles she posted for community members:

I attended BodyTalk’s Module 6 class this weekend in Dallas with Ka’imi Pilipovich. I believe firmly in reincarnation and past lives, but in this class, which among other things addresses influences on our health from our ancestors’ past lives, I heard a different perspective. And I realized that the case being made for this lifetime being our only one (though the soul merges into the All), deserved some reflection.

As I said, in BodyTalk we address things from our ancestral heritage that have carried forward to affect us here and now (through the 8th chakra). For example, we might have ancestors who were traumatized by some terrible event (the Holocaust, natural catastrophes, etc.) and the energy of that has continued through the generations with an ongoing (if not always obvious) impact on us. I could easily understand that, given my own family history with World War II.

In class, we talked about a collective consciousness wherein certain energetic memories reside that still affect a significant part of the population, and which impede our well being in any number of ways (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). The crucifixion of Christ comes to mind.

When I first had my healing experience back in 2005, I began receiving what I thought was information about past lives I’ve lived. I’d have bet money on it! I’ve since come to learn that one or two of those past life incarnations are being claimed by others as well, and so I’ve been wondering about archetypes and whether we embody the energy of certain personality types to do what we’re here to do. So I knew I might be wrong about what the information about “my” past lives might mean about who I am and was.

I didn’t really change my beliefs by the end of the BodyTalk class, but what I did do was allow for the possibility that I might be (stop the presses!) wrong about some things. Because I mean, let’s face it…I won’t know until I know. It comforts me to believe in reincarnation, it’s what makes the most sense to me, it seems that there are aspects of myself that have carried over from previous lives, but maybe those previous lives weren’t mine!

What I appreciate about my experience this past weekend is that someone took a deeply entrenched belief system and gave me an opportunity to stretch my thinking and open my heart to the possibility of an entirely different point of view. No need to argue about it. Certainly no need to go to war over it. Just simply allowing for another perspective, another equally deeply held belief, to be true.

Wow. Mind expanding and peace instilling!


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