A Serious Problem With The Law of Attraction

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend an evening with Andy Dooley. Along with his mother and brother Mike (Mike is in the movie The Secret) they started by creating and selling TUT t-shirts and now have the site TUT Andy presents powerful Law of Attraction guidance with humor.  Andy is on Facebook, Twitter and those links can be found at his website. Andy Dooley

What is the Serious Problem That Andy Overcame?

Being serious was Andy’s problem. Do you know anyone else with that problem? I often find myself thinking a lot of how, when,  why questions.  We are intended to feel ourselves in the picture we desire and allow that picture to unfold by following the guidance system within.

If you have  been  following the material published on this blog and especially if you are a member of Manifest Mastermind you know I focus on practical guidance for manifesting your dreams and desires. In fact all of the featured professionals in our community support practical, easy to follow guidance for creating your dream life.

We continually suggest taking a close look at your focus if you find your dreams being blocked. I have been thinking a lot about this and then I attracted the presentation by Andy who spent 90 minutes on not being serious. What he means is that there is a difference between being serious and being committed. For example, closing your eyes and thinking “I must meditate on these affirmations now for 20 minutes and I must do this several times a day! or I must ……” actually creates resistance. Can you feel it?  Now let’s say you feel that you are intended to start a new business. In that case there are a series of steps involved in doing that. So you follow the steps and open your business.

Andy told an interesting story about the t-shirt business. He visualized the entire business including stores where the shirts would be sold. He said by the end of the second year, little if anything was happening. But by the end of the third year they had a $1million in revenue business. Plus, about all he had visualized he was now experiencing. What shifted? He actually started relaxing and taking time away from the business to recharge.

When I started the Facebook Group Manifest Mastermind, which was before I met Brian Campbell and together we launched the business of Manifest Mastermind, I had come to the conclusion that I had spent years researching the books, the tapes, movies, newsletters and seminars and I really had not advanced that  far. I felt that I had been over analyzing all these resources.  Please understand, I love all those resources and continue investing in resource material and events like the evening with Andy Dooley.  I have taken all of that along with the expertise and experience of a wonderful group of  teachers and offer it in a logical sequence supported by the Manifest Mastermind Private Community.  The membership program, community, our free course and this blog all are intended to remind ourselves that transforming our lives to the life of  our dreams is what we can do. Follow some steps and allow ourselves to get out of the way. Simplify and have fun.

This week I finished the first reading of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”.  I kept thinking this is another marvelous work by Neale and offers  profound explanation of change and how to be “Happier Than God” in the midst of constant change. At the same time I think a lot of people might miss the message because of the depth of Neale’s explanation. A key message is that everything changes all the time. Just ask the grain of sand that was once a rock or the pearl that was once a grain of sand.  Once we recogize everything changes then it is up to us as to how we think about it. If you are not familiar with Neal’s books, one resource he references in all of his books is Conversations With God. Book 1 in particular is one of the “must haves” in my view.

There are many synchronistic events that have been pointing me to the guidance of simplify, simplify, simplify. I am preparing an expanded guidance on this which will be Guidance Process 7 for our Manifest Mastermind Members. But if you do not want to be a member you will gain tremendous insight from our Free Course. So Register Here For Our FREE Course. Once you do you will be taken to a page where you can still become a member using our $1.00 30 day trial.

How To Simplify?

I am going to leave you with two gifts today. One is a video I discovered on YouTube with some great Law of Attraction affirmations. The other is the key to simplifying The Law of Attraction and creating the life of your dreams. This key is timeless and is the Mantra of Notes From The Universe by Mike Dooley in partnership with Andy and their Mom. That mantra is “Thoughts Become Things…Choose The Good Ones” Now …what do you find yourself talking to yourself about the most?  The answer is the picture of what you are creating.  I’ll bet the picture is mostly serious. We are intended to be “Happier Than God”.  (Happier Than God is the title of a book by Neale Donald Walsch released in 2008 and I highly recommend it.)

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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