Your Vibration Attracted This

Possibly the most difficult part of The Law of Attraction to understand is a situation that is totally opposite of our intent to experience. This could be a phone call about a problem, a physical connection with a challenging person, news of a situation we don’t prefer or news we that is unsettling.

We know the Law of Attraction says we are creating our reality from our vibrating energy. We understand that when our vibrations are upstream we are out of alignment with Source and should we continue to focus on that which we don’t want we will get more of that.

What about when we are feeling really good. We are in the zone focusing on a clear direction that is on purpose for us and then then “bam” there it is…a situation we clearly had no intention of creating. How can that be? What about those situations that are clearly not close to anything we seem to think about or we feel could not possibly be within us?

There are several reasons for these experiences with a common one being the time buffer. Most of us do not experience an immediate manifestation of something we are intending to create and the same is true for situations we never intended to create.

Abraham reminds us we are constantly vibrating. Of course when we remember this we know everything including a rock has a vibrational frequency. Our human vibrational frequency is affected by many things consciously and subconsciously. So a situation we don’t prefer naturally does not seem like it could ever be or have been a vibrational match with us. But it is. That is  The Law of Attraction and it is always working.

Our opportunity is to move past the negative situation. This means not fueling it. Abraham advises if the situation is something we are intended to deal with, then deal with it without attaching emotion to it. In my questioning of this guidance I used a recent example of an email I received from a person who was blaming. To me it was a situation where she was not accepting responsibility for creating. So I engaged in a dialogue with her about it. This fueled that energy and the situation became even more negative. I was advised in that situation to simply acknowledge the email message address the matter and release it.

The advice in connection with this email applies to all situations no matter how severe.  Most of us go right to the question “how can this possibly be happening?” particularly when severe life situations appear. These can include a financial disaster, loss of a loved one, health issues and more. We say “we cannot be creating this!”  Well the truth is yes we are.  The explanation of that is detailed and is being prepared for the members of Manifest Mastermind.  If we simply remember the Energy of Opposites, The Energy of Detachment and The Energy of Attraction particularly that aspect which is what we focus on expands we will be moving forward in fun which is intended for us while we are here on the physical plane.

Spending a lot of time and energy trying to determine why something is happening is not a good use of our energy since once it happened or is developing it already is history. We simply are advised to focus on what we want to create.  Some seem to have the mindset of wanting to research the why, write articles about it, write books about it, conduct seminars about it and more. Abraham advices “don’t go there and just go out and have fun. This life experience is meant to be enjoyed.”

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