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Transparency by Nina Ferrell:

We attract everything we need into our experience – and a lot of what we think we don’t need – but finding out, as I am doing day by day, that nothing goes wasted, no problem, no tragedy, no magical occurrence … they are all gifts from us to ourselves.

There is one proviso though – transparency. We need to have to courage to be transparent to ourselves and to others. We need to have the integrity and strength to expose ourselves, say “This is who I am. I am giving you the gift of my honesty. I am giving myself the gift of my openness.”

We hide from the world, from ourselves because we fear that we are unlovable. Perhaps we were not loved, most mostly I think it is our perception of not being loved that needs healing. Because we have never been unloved, never been alone, however strange and incomplete it may sound at times of challenge.

We need to be able to stand in our truth and say to others – I am who I am, I am who I am becoming. I care enough about you and myself to be able to work through what keeps me from being totally visible to you and to myself. I realize that whatever I hide will be hidden from me in others – that I will forever be going in circles concerning that issue, until I can bring it out in the light and take the consequences on the chin. Because I am strong, and invincible, and shining and amazing and valuable and deserving of all the love and support and warmth that I need.

I deserve openness from others and so I am vibrating on that level – because when I don’t, I will receive that which I put out there, time after time after time. I trust that I will attract to me the best I can possible be – because at this very moment, knowing this, I am already becoming who I am becoming, in all my brilliance.

We deserve transparency, everyone does. We can create that in ourselves and in everyone else, so the light can shine through into all the dark corners of our lives.

I choose to live out loud!

Nina Ferrell
Law of Attraction Expert, Channel, Medium, Intuitive Guide

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