“The Secret Is The Law of Attraction” Bob Proctor, The Secret

Right up front, there are a lot of programs and messages surrounding the movie and the book The Secret. Certain people in the original movie have moved to using so called flaws in the message or the marketing to create products to explain what was not delivered in the movie. One of my favorite authors and speakers is critical of the movie because it seems to capitalize on the idea that you can image a Ferrari and it will show up in your garage if you have a garage.

I simply say to you that The Law of Attraction is very real for me. The movie The Secret and the book is awesome. I have gone fairly deep into the foundation of The Law of Attraction and I come back to this movie to this book and say to you all the explanations are there. I also say to you none of this is about my views or this movie and the associated book The Secret. This is about you. When you understand you are all that matters, then you will create marvelous people, places and things in your life. You define what “matters” means.

How does this understanding create all your dreams and desires? When you focus on expanding what feels good to you, there is only one possible outcome. That outcome is that everything you touch, every person you connect with and everything you do is responding to that energy. That energy is creating everything on your dreams and desires list.

Like many, I have been suspect of the underlying message in The Secret. For me, that message is guidance worth my time and attention. I am so excited about the The Law of Attraction, I have created a company totally dedicated to bringing uncomplicated guidance on this topic to those who seek. This is Manifest Mastermind and I am excited as ever about what I do, who I attract and what I share. I hope this helps you and now here it the first 20 minutes of The Secret

I Love You and All. May God Bless You In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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