Launching Space Ship Law of Attraction with: Your Body by David Di Francesco

Manifest Mastermind was launched with the single minded purpose to help you accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and desires. What is really cool is that after four short months  we are finding people just “hanging out” in our community having a love in and exchanging stories about turning water into scotch,  flying at will, parting the Gulf so to bike from Florida to Mexico and all those normal things.

So it is no surprise we are attracting a growing number of amazing messengers like the featured messenger of the guidance that follows.  The biggest surprise is yet to be announced. We have a secret…not The Secret.. like the movie and the book The Secret but a secret resource that we are very grateful for and soon will be public.  This resource is already rocking my world and that of many others.

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Introducing David De Francisco

Much more about David soon. This message was written by David for our community members and is shared with all now.


OK gang, it’s time to gather ’round the fire and talk about something.

I’ve truly valued the chance to join this network with you. In the week or two since I first signed up I’ve taken the opportunity to look at the material each of you have diligently posted about what you wish to manifest. One thing that struck me right off is how many of you have listed desires for your physical health and your physical appearance.

I’ve also noticed something else.

How many of you didn’t.

I want to encourage each of you, if you’ve not included a desire for your body to do so. And for those who did to go back and review what you wrote. Your body is every bit as important as your spirit.

Because your body is the physical expression of your spirit.

This isn’t about two separate aspects of experience, a partnership between the physical and the spiritual. There is no separation between the two. In the truest sense possible, the physical IS the spiritual. Your body is the physical demonstration of how you feel about yourself. A mirror of what you believe to be true.

Feelings of shame and unworthiness. Fear and anger. It may not express itself frequently, but let me assure you that if your physical body (and through it your sexual experience) is truly not what you desire, there IS something underlying that. There is belief there and it’s keeping you from manifesting a better physical experience.

When did it become selfish to look good? Why do we perpetuate such hangups regarding sexual experiences? Why do we feel guilty if we demonstrate health around people who are not?

Well, let me share a thought with you. It’s about time we as a group step up to the plate and demonstrate with ourselves for all to see, the true acceptance of our physical body. Start creating around what you truly desire for your body. Leave the hangups, old beliefs and concerns behind where they belong. Give up what’s right or wrong. Allow your body to be how you desire it to be. Don’t hold back!

Remember, you are surrounded by people in observation of you. What is the best way to demonstrate abundance? Have it. What is the best way to demonstrate love? Experience it. What is the best way to demonstrate there is health, great looking bodies and great sexual lives for everyone? Be that.

So go back and add a little physical to your spiritual.

Enjoy!! David


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May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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