Lisa Ann Bonfiglio : One Woman’s Journey Toward Renewed Health

Lisa is a featured member of Manifest Mastermind. As you read this notice her attitude and pictures of going forward. There are many people who experience difficult health situations. We have a choice as to how to deal with them. Lisa is inspirational.
From Lisa Ann Bonfiglio’s Blog

October 2008 I noticed a small on growth/cyst on my breast so I got out my books on alternative healing Louise Hays was amongst them. I began working more with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, clearing cellular memory etc. and than went about my business not giving it any power. I did not have a family physician that’s just not part of my life. Well, 2 1/2 months ago I looked in the mirror and said holy shit bat man whats going on. My very dear friend Valerie checked my breast who just happens to be an ER Nurse and my ex art framer said Lisa you need to get this checked out. OK so my first priority was finding a physician it all flowed like magic. My first apt. was on April 24th for a physical exam you know all that routine stuff blood work, as well as the typical women checkup since it had been years. Well I knew that all would come back free and clear and it did.

On may 7th 2009 I had a mama gram and ultra sound the red flags went up and the Dr. wanted to do a biospy right away. OK I said lets do it, he was and is the most compassionate Dr. that I have ever experienced in life. I asked for him to explain the entire procedure before I stepped outside. The biospy was performed 30 minutes later(after I was told it would be a 2 hour wait,the magic began)in 3 different places. The results would be back on Tuesday. That’s when I got scared and spent the weekend in my backyard, which is so magical by the way. Made a few phone calls to my people and received more clarity on the bigger picture.

On May 13th my Mom and my sister Juliann came with me as well as many Light Beings, Angels and my Father yes, the room was a bit crowded with the Dr. and case manager. I told I had invasive lubular breast cancer which only 10% of women get and has a much better success rate of never returning and full recovery. So the shocked began sitting in as I tried to write in my journal, Bridget the case manager said Lisa you don’t need to write any of this done because this 3 ring binder is for you. OK where do we go from here as I felt the love and the presence of everyone in that room including my Father. First we need to make and appointment with the surgeon and she will discuss the best route for you. OK lets make an appointment for tomorrow that nots possible. She called the fist surgeon and nothing was available until June 10th no that is not going to work. Bridget then put a call in to the other surgeon and it was busy, Lisa don’t get your hopes up well I knew in my heart I would be seeing a surgeon the next day. Well, it just so happened that the surgeon had a cancellation and was able to see me the following morning at 9:30 how cool is that more magic flowing.

Walking into my my house with my mother at my side I said aint this bitch I have fricken cancer after all the work I have done what’s wrong with this picture. Yes I was venting yes I was angry confused and very overwhelmed and in no mood for meditation stillness. I wanted to be in a different reality and not deal with it and that’s exactly what I did that evening. Juliann and I had so much I got drunk and won 280.00 how cool is that(yes,I got the OK from Spirit to get wild for the night and I’m so glad I allowed myself)

May 14th Juliann and I met my surgeon and right from the beginning I trusted and felt very confident in her abilities to take care of me. We discussed the process I now have steps a plan wow this is cool. Since my lump is large chemotherapy is the best route and then surgery. OK lets start Chemo tomorrow I said, no that’s not possible OK next week then maybe the Dr.replied. Well, I have an appointment on Monday with the Oncologist to discuss the best treatment for me. More magic flowing.

That afternoon I had coffee with my friend Valerie and a very good friend of hers just happens to specialize in hair treatments for chemotherapy patients. The both of them gifted me hair I cried what a gift more magic. I said to Valerie there is the possibility I may not loose my hair, that’s true Lisa Valerie responded however; if you do now you will have hair and don’t need to be concerned about standing in front of mirror one day with OMG now what am I going to do now. Valerie also found a really cool visualization for chemo patients that I intend to make into an audio this coming week.

May 15th I had chest rays and more blood work done that wasn’t included in the first it flowed again the magic is present.
In the afternoon my sister Susan arrived from Scottsdale for the day before heading to Grand Junction Friday morning her son Travis graduated from College on Saturday.

What is so special about my sister Susan besides her unconditional love and support
is this: her background is in oncology radiology peds and she was involved with the group who invented the Port for chemo patients. So she has been able to review my 3 ring binder knows some of the Dr’s. who will be taking care of me and even knows my surgeon, so is there peace in knowing all of this yes along with the
knowledge I have gained since Tuesday.

More magic continues to show up in every moment as Spirit is right there at my core giving me hits and let me tell you I am paying attention and feeeeelin it. The support and love has been incredible and I even hesitated when I got the hit to blog about this because that meant me putting myself out there telling you I had breast cancer. So here I am showing up and if just one person is inspired by my story walking away saying yes I can then I know it was well worth the ride. I have a feeling it will be very healing for me as well as I continue to show up sharing my the Violet Flame Pac Man Action.

My intentions are set I will get through this with flying colors yes many rainbows and shine in every moment no matter how I show up feeling. I have set the intention of be able to work out while in chemo treatments and perhaps even drive my myself to and from treatments. My main focus is allowing the magic to unfold in each and every moment there is a bigger picture here and yes some aspect of myself probably thought it was OK to manifest you know hey lets experience this and see how this feels and see how strong and connected you truly are. That is a layer one level of many that are happening right now. I do know the work I have done and my connection to Spirit the I that is I AM has paid off for I would not have the mind heart set I do. So I asked Spirit to take of all the physical stuff right down to my finances and I will solely focus on my healing and if that’s means just being then so be it and you know what I heard “you will be taken of”. So I may not be around much online networking etc. I am already getting hits from Spirit about that one. Just be and receive create beautiful creations that will come to you in this journey. I have already begun visualizing my future self and let me tell ya she rocks like never before.

I am very grateful that my Mom, and my sisters Juliann, and Paula live here in Colorado Springs as well as my dear friend Tom. I have made my apologies up front just in case one day I am flaming and I forget to say my code word which is Leave It. So for now my bases are covered.

I will keep you updated with the chemo and how I am shining and what I am creating.

How you can help:
See me as a Radiant Goddess shining in every moment
Send me love and healing Light
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Laugh and enjoy yourself
Smile more often and really feel it when you do
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I Love You All
Thanks for all your support and being in my life

My Comments:

Just one look and I knew here was a special lady. I am blessed by your energy. Our community as well as all whom you touch feel the same.

One day I spent some time looking a little deeper and discovered your art. Then I began a new awareness as to the depths of you.

I hold the energy of healing, peace, happiness and unconditional love for you. Thank you for sharing your experience. Your story is very inspirational.

I look forward to the woman who is being created with this situation. In Unity a week ago, Temple Hayes offered the guidance of becoming one with all that we are even those physical situations we didn’t specifically invite.

Love yourself – all of you now and going forward. Know I love you.



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