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The following program can also be found at This was realeased to our members today. Please note: if you are a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, Healer, Channel, Intuitive, EFT,  NLP, or other related professional we welcome your interest in the program. We view this as the Law of Reciprocity manifest.

Manifest Mastermind

Featured Professionals Program

In the Manifest Mastermind Community you will notice people identified as Featured Members.  This outlines our Featured Professionals Program including the benefits of being a featured professional and the responsibilities.

Featured Professional Defined:

A featured professional is a person who is known for the value they add to the mission of Manifest Mastermind. Our mission is to provide guidance on how to manifest or create your dreams and desires. Our mission is about you creating the lifestyle of your dreams as defined by you.  Our founding principle is “the greatest good for the greatest number of people”.

We have attracted a large number of people expressing an interest in being a featured professional. Our response is very consistent.  The founders of Manifest Mastermind do not make this decision. Our members do by their demonstrated attraction to who you are and what you bring to the table.

What Featured Members Do, What We Do  and Dobe Dobe  Do

Featured members are visable and active in our Manifest Mastermind Community. Their energy is evident by the articles they contribute and the guidance offered to the groups of their choice.  We notice and republish some of their work on our blog, tweet these publications and reference their content when we communicate with our email lists.

Each time we use an article published by a featured member we reach out with that information to a social network of nearly 40,000 people.  We would like to think this helps each featured member in exchange for the content we use that helps our members and interested readers.

Over time a featured member demonstrates their interest in Manifest Mastermind by consistently being visible by what they do.  This visibility is up to the featured member and we do not have any predetermined idea of how often anyone should appear.  We do know when a person has not been visible and when what they write is primarily self – serving.  In those instances, the person is no longer featured.

The Next Level of  Being Featured by Manifest Mastermind

There is no predetermined time period for the next level.  We  know from references, review of the member’s web site , blog , articles and ultimately personal contact that Manifest Mastermind Members and others will benefit from the professional services the featured professional offers.

We then request descriptions of services and pricing we can use on the Manifest Mastermind Professional Services page (coming soon). Each featured professional is asked to offer a special price for Manifest Mastermind members that is not generally available to others.

Manifest Mastermind requests a 20% referral fee calculated on the payment featured members receive from business that comes from the Manifest Mastermind Professional Services page.  We also request each featured professional  submit two articles a month that are for the exclusive benefit of our members. These articles include material that is not published in our Community but rather are part of the content that is delivered to all active members.

The benefits to those who participate in this program include: the likely growth in your business as a result of being marketed by Manifest Mastermind and lucrative professional fees as well as residual income. Prices are structured as defined by you and when you use your affiliate link to promote Manifest Mastermind and your services through Manifest Mastermind, you receive affiliate commissions  each month a member who joined through you pays for their membership.

We use the term articles and welcome videos and podcasts as well.  The key to this content is that it provides our members with valuable guidance on their journey to manifesting their dreams. Of course all material we send to our members provided by featured professionals will include appropriate reference to the author and links to our Manifest Mastermind Professional Services page. (again, this is coming soon)


There is no obligation by Manifest Mastermind or the featured professional to continue the featured professional relationship. It may be discontinued at any time.

Each featured professional is responsible for collecting fees charged and then remitting the 20% referral fee to Manifest Mastermind. We rely on the integrity of our members for this our PayPal Account.

Generally a featured professional will already have a professional practice. However this is not required as our members and others that receive our marketing messages will decide whether to accept the featured professional’s offer.

You must be a member of Manifest Mastermind to be considered a featured professional since as previously detailed, your activity in the our Private Community is the primary criteria we use in considering you for a featured professional status. To join Manifest Mastermind Please Click Here

Today we have more than five highly qualified professionals in our community who have not been active with our members. That serves as evidence regarding our posture on featuring professionals. In those cases,  professionals inactive in the community are not featured.

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