Over, Under, Around, Through

If you have experiences in your life that challenge the intended flow of downstream (feel good) energy, learn from the guidance of Abraham.  When I reference Abraham I usually receive a question something along the lines of:  “who is this Abraham person I am hearing about?”

Abraham is not a person. Abraham is  non-physical energy that helps us with specific guidance on achieving our intended purpose on the physical plane.  The name Abraham became known through  the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks and is more completely described in the book “Ask and It Is Given” as well as other books that are written. Esther is a channel. This means she is able to transform the energy of Abraham into guidance we are able to understand and use. There are others who have developed this gift. We have several people in Manifest Mastermind who are channels.  Soon our members will be able to experience a channeling session and that is another powerful reason why you should be a member.  Click Here to get started with our Free Course and our $1.00  trial membership.

In all of my research and associations with self-development leaders who have a similar belief system, one theme is predominant.  That theme is.. follow your internal guidance system. If something does not feel good Abraham says : “observe that then go over it, under it, around it or through it. Always move to a downstream energy flow since all energy is creating even the energy we do not prefer”

From that one guidance statement which is my own direct experience with this topic many libraries full of book, tapes, seminars, videos, articles and more have been produced.  Most of that is good.  The material that I align with the most nearly always advises that we have all the answers within. So take this article and throw it away if you want but before you do, I suggest you go deep and think about the message you have the answers within.

When I look at my life and examine those situations where I listened to others even when I didn’t feel good about it, the outcome rarely turned out as I expected. When I paid attention to an internal knowing then always without exception I felt very good not only about the outcome but also all along the way to experiencing the outcome.

There is a lot to be examined on this topic and Manifest Mastermind  members will receive more from me and our featured members.  Before I close this article let’s review an example and then I suggest you come up with your own list:

This one is very recent. It just happened last night.  After an intense week of business out of town I was returning home and of course was very focused on just getting home. All went very well until I was leaving the long term parking garage. Some engineering group comprised of what we would define as brilliant individuals I am sure but with little or no common sense decided to make checking out of the garage self serve.

Now if you have observed this brilliant idea in a grocery store you may come to the conclusion people are generally not interested in self serve in these situations.  We are used to it at a gas station and why that is I’ll never know, but in grocery stores and airport parking lots we have trouble with that because self serve is rarely without flaws. The spiritual angels I connect with here tell me I create all of this including the flaws. Ya well whatever. All I know is the that  the brain trusts of Tampa International concluded it was a great idea without checking with me or anyone else who actually parks there. So they implemented this seriously flawed theoretical solution.  Of course you know where I am headed with this. Yes it took what seemed like forever to get out of there. Myself and many others did so only after being helped at the machine with a real live human being. Imagine that.  You might be able to sense that I was not exactly in at state of gratitude honoring this experience.

I chose not to be in a state of gratitude and not to honor this situation. What was accomplished by me being upstream with this? Absolutely nothing positive. The machines don’t care about me being upstream, the people working there certainly don’t care, my car didn’t care it had to wait and my car is in a constant state of beingness – being just that ..a car.  So get this, the only thing that matters is how you feel. Not how I feel, your partner feels, your children feel or anyone else.  When you are happiness, when you are calm, when you are prosperous within, that is what you attract.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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