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Manifest Mastermind thanks David De Francisco for this contribution. Members can connect with all of our featured members including  David  in our Manifest Mastermind Community.  Connecting with like minded people is powerful. The connection opens the path of our Divine Energy within and we experience clarity.  This clarity is the core of us manifesting our dreams. Of course you can believe this or not. You are perfect with whatever conclusion you reach and we love you.

Let’s now give David our attention.


We marvel at the night sky, with it’s infinite stars shining down on us and bless the beauty we are witness to.

But have we ever truly looked at the people around us, and ourselves in the same way? Sometimes I think we’ve place more importance on the heavens than the matter of the earth. Well, let me be more specific, because we have seemed to have awakened to the needs of this planet we inhabit. It’s the matter of our physical nature we’ve yet to truly embrace. Yet our bodies, just as those above our heads in the night sky, are made of the same material.

We are the stuff of stars.

Our bodies and the heavens are one and the same, we are every bit as wondrous. Throughout our history and passage of time we have worshiped the skies above, they have been home to our gods, but in the same breath degrade and demonize and look with horror upon our physical nature. We find ourselves unworthy.

And we act, to varying degrees upon that belief. We do not take care of our physical natures as they’ve been craving to be embraced. We remain inert and inactive. We feast on low energy foods. Create habit around alcohol and nicotine.

And unlike the stars above who seem to have endless energy to bring warmth and life, our energy falls and depletes.

Many of you reading this and members of Manifest Mastermind are involved in some manner of energy work, whether just for yourself, or with others as well. That work, that all very important energy/spiritual work you hold so dear is deeply affected by the foods you put in your body and your level of activity.

As energy workers the energy that surrounds us (and the energy we ingest) are critical ingredients to the effectiveness of our abilities. We truly can’t get by eating as ‘others’ eat, we must develop better patterns to continue to support our energy and increase it. The same with physical activity. Our bodies were meant to be used and moved and when done consistently, movement will also increase our energy levels.

And our effectiveness as spiritual leaders.

While it’s easy to look with disdain on how our bodies physically look as superficial an unimportant, in truth, it has a distinct aspect to fulfill in your work as well. Because I have rarely met anyone truly at peace with their appearance, and those thoughts of hurt and frustration or fear about your body also affects your work. I’ve found in many ways so many people involved in the ‘caring’ fields forget one very important element.

Caring for themselves.

A lot of times we forget that we’re every bit as worthy as those that surround us. It can sometimes feel selfish if we divert attention to ourselves. It especially feels indulgent and selfish if we care how we look.

But belief is energy, and the creation you are manifesting cannot separate the two… the physical from the emotional. It truly is ok to have your body look the way you ‘secretly’ desire. That desire is your inner guidance telling you, just like anything you’re wishing to manifest that doesn’t match what you’re feeling, that your desire and your creation are not quite in sync.

Get your body in line with the energy of your desires and you’ll literally see miracles surround you.

David De Francisco


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