Attraction Amplification: 5 Tips to Take Charge of Your Attention

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Attraction Amplification: 5 Tips to Take Charge of Your Attention

It’s true.

You are that powerful.

What you pay attention to grows.

What you place your attention on, you give life to.

Attention is comprised of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude. Attention can also include your purpose, your vision, your soul’s desires. Where ever you reside most will be reflected in your life.

Your dominate attention creates your reality.

Your attention is a director to the universe; it’s like you are saying to life, “here is where I choose to live”. The universe takes your instruction, and reflects it back to you as directed.

Whatever you spend your time thinking about, talking about, dreaming about, planning about, worrying about, will inevitability be reflected back to you in your experience*. Attention is an attraction amplifier that draws to you that which you are focused on.

Knowing this, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to ensure that your attention is going toward what you want to grow?Seriously, if you don’t do it, who will? Your old habits, programming, media…. you want your reality to be created by that?

5 Tips to Take Charge of Your Attention & BE the powerful creator you are>>>

1) Decide where you want to put your attention. Identify the intentions, qualities, and feelings you want to experience.

2) Write out what you want and put it somewhere you re-visit frequently. Read it out loud once and a while. Use language that reflects your wants as if they are already happening. Be proactive and enthusiastic in your descriptions.

3) Surround yourself with uplifting and affirming resources. People, books, quotes, music… Choose to reinforce your focus through daily practices that align you with what you want.

4) Be gentle with yourself when you get off track. When you notice you are letting your attention astray, be compassionate with yourself and gently place your attention back where you want it.

5) Give thanks. Gratitude is a huge magnifier and is one of the greatest tools for flourishing.

Kendra Thornbury

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