Money, Spirituality, and The Law of Attraction

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Money, Spirituality, and The Law of Attraction

Through the ages, spirituality has somehow become divorced from money –  earning it, feeling good about it when one has embarked on a spiritual path. And so we find countless enlightened individuals who live exemplary lives touching others and empowering others, yet find themselves in less than optimum (to say the least) financial situations.

We need to understand that we reward ourselves through our feelings and attitudes, we create the lives we live and if we hold the attitude that money is evil, money is the root of all evil, all rich people are evil, money leads to one’s downfall, instead of feeling that money empowers, money is my outward reflection of my inner knowledge of abundance, money makes it possible for me assist others by translating my love for them in teaching them to fish for themselves, well then money will be scarce and enlightenment does not pay the bills….

Abraham teach abundance, they teach that we hold the key to our deserving, to our receiving.

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