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Ever had your parents tell you as a child to stop day dreaming? Ever been told you had your head in the clouds?

Well, that is where it should be – much more than you are probably doing it. Your dreams are creations… ok, often unconscious, but daydreams are never negative, have you noticed? Day dreaming is you seeing greater potential for yourself, it is you tapping into that enormous shining energy that you are, sifting through possibilities, one more amazing than the other. Day dreaming is you admitting that your true reality is not the three dimensional one that you are living, but your stream of Source energy which connects you to the One stream that we all are a part of.

Find that old dream – dust if off, pick the cobwebs off it. Now that you know that you DO create your own reality, you may want to have a go at doing it consciously… Imagine something really outrageous for yourself, something that you really really want – no censoring, just let the thoughts flow. FEEL what it feels like to have it, to touch it, to be there, feel what your body is telling you about it… just let it sink in…

Next, imagine two of them – or a situation even more outrageously pleasurable… bigger, better, brighter, more colourful, and feel this too… just suspend disbelief for this moment – drink in the feeling, the sense of achievement, wrap yourself around it….

You day dreamed, right now. You admitted to yourself (which you know of course) that you can create, that it feels good – and in that moment you put the order out there, and the Universe must deliver. It is simply Law.

So never face reality – never feel that you have to look your current “what-is” in the face… Keep your capacity to day dream alive, create new dreams every day and make them more and more outrageous, bigger, better, shinier…

You are your biggest gift to yourself – keep those dreams alive.

Nina Ferrell
Law of Attraction Expert, Intuitive Guide

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