Universal Laws, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Laws Come From Our Observations That Move To Belief Then Truth.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity is phrase you will find in a number of resources.  I first learned of this law while listening to a presentation by Randy Gage.  I later realized Randy studied Catherine Ponder’s Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Then there are those that influenced Catherine and so on.  My own research reveals a varying number of what people label as Universal Laws.  The Vacuum Law is always one that is included in the list.

While I don’t know absolutely, I imagine the Vacuum Law of Prosperity has been evident since the beginning of our race.  It is easily observed in nature. One example often used is the footprint in the sand. Once made, the footprint  is quickly filled in by sand, water or a combination of both.

Randy does an outstanding job of presenting the 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  He has released a video on The Vacuum Law and I am delighted to share that link with you.  Click Here for Randy Gage and The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

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