Manifest Your Financial Dreams Doing What Is Fun

You can do what is fun and manifest your financial dreams doing it.  That must be your dominant thought.  Insist on it. Don’t give up. Never give up, never give in. Dare life to let you do what you love.

Adapted From Conversations With God. Chapter 12 Book 1, Neale Donald Walsch

Notice the order in which the guidance is given.  We are intended to understand what is fun and learn how to be financially rewarded by having fun. This links directly to downstream energy guidance in Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   Of course downstream is feel good energy. It is movement in the flow and not where there is resistance.

Additional guidance includes  being clear on the definition of fun.  Fun in this context is structural. Structural fun is where what I am doing is in alignment with my intended purpose.  Of course, many will define, being at a sporting event, dancing, dining out, going to the movies and many other events as fun.  You are likely to find something in that list that you define as fun. However,  we are intended to look deeper to decide what is fun.

This is important because the Source within us allows us to make a conscious decision as to what we pursue. Our Source does not care what we decide. All of us has free will.  Our Source is beingness.  Our mind and our body are the conduits for decisions and doing. When we are doing in alignment with our purpose for being, we are downstream. We are going with the flow. This is the state where we create bliss.

Does bliss mean we never encounter situations we don’t prefer?  I don’t think so since we are intended to have many experiences.  For example, to experience pleasure we need to understand the experience of pan.  Yes we can be in pain and be on purpose.  This is achieved by having an acute awareness of this game we call life.  The word game is used very intentionally.

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