Feel Good Manifestation: This Is The Law of Attraction

Each of us has an intended purpose and most of us have no clue as to what that is.  Begin feeling your way through this physical experience we call life to the definition of your intended purpose and manifesting your pure potentiality.

Most of us go through the motions of :

“I’ve got to be here at this time”

“I’ve got to go to the store and get these things”

“I’ve got to take care of this situation for ..”

and so on

Let’s talk about me. I cannot calculate how much time and emotional energy I devoted in my life to: I must do this or I must call this person or I must be home at a certain time and so on.

You do not have to do anything. I encourage you to listen to your internal guidance system and act on what it leads you to do.  Of course you do not have to but when you do, I’ll bet you will feel really happy you did. There is also a major added bonus. When you are in alignment with your purpose, you are sending out positive downstream energy . Positive downstream energy is what creates your dreams and desires on the physical plane.  Members of our Manifest Mastermind community

In a related article a lady commented on the idea of doing what feels good.  She felt this would be very disruptive as evidenced by partners who follow their feel good system and hook up with another and ..well you get the picture.  My view for you to try on for size is that I am not intended to judge the actions of another.  It is my belief system that God does not and I am an extension of God here so I am not going to judge either.

What happens when you follow your guidance system and specifically the “if it feels good do it and if does not don’t do it” formula suggested here? First let’s dispel a few things: Let’s say you feel like having the mocha cream latte and you do while previously intending to redefine your body with a few less pounds. So you use the if it feels good do it formula and drink an extra large.  On Friday you get a call from you mom and she says some of the family are stopping over and could you find the time to come to dinner.  You had planned to watch metal rust which you view as preferable to that visit.  However you go anyway violating the if it feels bad don’t do it guide.  Let’s look at the outcomes:

You drink the latte and even order a baked good to go with it. The drink and food are wonderful. You have a warm feeling and you are smiling.  You walk out the door and see yourself in the glass door and now you are beginning to feel bad and now you start beating yourself up. Why did I order that? Why did I eat and drink like that? I am already off my plan for the day, so may as well meet my friends for lunch at the all you can eat buffet place.  Do you see the pattern?

At mom’s you find yourself engaged in the latest with the family, everyone is in a relaxed mood and your mom and all are very happy that you came. On the way home you reflect on the importance of your family and you are happy with how you spent this time.

Let’s look at the example of a person who plays sports and to further paint this picture imagine your favorite player.  Professional sports players make the game look easy don’t they? Do you think they arrived at that place without a lot of practice?  Do you think they felt like going to practice every time?  Of course they didn’t but they had their image on the outcome.

We are no different. The feel good formula includes using judgment and discernment. We are talking about how does it feel in the context of a bigger picture. In relationships we don’t disown our children when they are doing and saying things that are upsetting.  We offer guidance. On the other hand we grow into and out of relationships in our life.  Relationships are not intended to be prison walls. Just the opposite.  Relationships are intended to expand our own pure potentiality within the context of our intended purpose.  How do you know?  You just do when you learn to pay attention to your emotional guidance system.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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