The Vacuum Law of Attraction

[In this message Lisa offers a great plan for creating room for positive energy on which our dreams are attached. Of course then we are manifesting those dreams. Catherine Ponder refers to this as The Vacuum Law of Prosperity. Thank you Lisa for this great guidance.]

“Let go of the old and make way for the new!”

Spring has sprung. It is time for spring cleaning on every level. Start pruning the dead branches in the yard, tossing old magazines, clothes, furniture, toxic relationships, people that harm you and drain you of what you have to offer your family, business, friends and humanity. Time to let go.

Start by:

1. Recycling: Go through old magazines, books, or catalogs, and get rid of them. Bring the magazines to a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, hair salon, nail salon or health club. Donate books to your local library. Recycle, it helps the environment.

2. Exchange: Gather your friends and neighbors to exchange your clothes, jewelry. household items with each other. Like the white elephant game which is typically played during holiday season.

3. Donate: This is a great time to go through clothes or household items with an eye for sharing the wealth with those in need. We all have things that we no longer use that could be life-changing for someone else. We can help them with their mission by blessing them. All the old suits or dresses could give someone a new outfit for a job interview: impacting lives. The Goodwill and Salvation Army are great to donate.

4. Release Old Energy – Go through the files in your office, your contact list, delete items on your computer, and let go of outdated resources, emails, information, old ideas, negativity and non producing habits that need to be released for good. Make the space for new business, fabulous brilliant opportunities, or even more creative ideas that make sense for who you are now presently in the moment.

At a time while so many are feeling apprehensive about the future, it’s a great time to clean house and let go of the old for once and for all. A little spring cleaning goes a long way in making space for something great to enter your life. Enjoy a renewed sense of spaciousness and mental freedom!

Have an amazing, healthy, vibrant, brilliant, giving, productive week. Be the difference go and make a difference.

Only the Best,
Melissa Michaels

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