The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams

Social media is wonderful. Every day people share quotes, videos, articles that are inspiring, motivational and educational. The volume of material that is being developed and readily accessible is awesome. YouTube videos, messages on Twitter, Facebook wall entries, messages from group founders, teleseminars, podcasts, emails and more. Most are very valuable and the volume of what is available can actually be a distraction.

Here on the Manifest Mastermind Blog articles and videos are posted with the express intent of reaching people who intend to manifest their dreams and are seeking guidance on how to do that. Our free course 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams has changed people lives as evident by the emails received. Some of those stories have been shared on this blog. Yes we add to the volume of  material that is available and intended to help.  There is one consistent difference to most of what is made available.

The Missing Link

The Law of Attraction says we manifest what we think about the most. Like Manifest Mastermind I feel most people publishing content intended for guidance have positive intentions as to the impact they would like to have on another. This usually starts when one person finds a quote, book , video or some other media with a message that resounded with them. They then tweet about it, send an email, post it on a wall or something else intended to share with others their excitement of what they found.

Look at the example of the video I Love You I found this video quite some time ago and had it marked as a favorite. Then life got in the way and I forgot about it until a short time ago.  A series of   synchronistic events resulted in the idea of posting to the Manifest Mastermind Blog. I tweeted it and sent out a message on Facebook and the comments came rolling in.

Today a dear friend posted another video on my Facebook wall and I reviewed the comments that generated.  Those two back to back events led me to writing this article.  I received a message to address the matter of an increasing amount of content flowing and how to place that in the proper perspective.

The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams:

It is important to identify a resource for you to focus your attention on that helps you shift your mindset to bring you  in alignment with your dreams.

Notice the phrase focus your attention. I feel many of us look for the genie in the bottle …a quick fix. The reality is we have most likely learned to think a certain way and react a certain way to external events. What we have learned may not always serve us particularly when we are intending to manifest a new reality as the one we are living may not be what we prefer.

Manifest Mastermind works for me and is working for an increasing number of members. However, there is plenty of material out there for you to use and benefit from. It is your responsibility to take the action. But the action must be focused so you experience the intended results.

Most of us benefit quickly from a program that leads us to our intended destination and has a built in process for holding us accountable for taking the action steps. Very few people seem to have the discipline to do this without a support structure. If you want to manifest a new reality, it is important for that to be clearly defined and for you to stay focused on doing that.

Use books, videos, recorded seminars, marry a spiritual leader, become a member of Manifest Mastermind: whatever works for you is what is important. Get focused and get going now. Now is the greatest moment you every lived. Repeat: now is the greatest moment you every lived. I thank Temple Hayes for teaching me that message.

Action Step [Nearly Everything We Do In Manifest Mastermind Involves An Action Step(s)]

Find your top 5 favorite videos and list the links on page and save it. Start with one and focus on the one until it begins to become part of you then expand to another. Alternatively pick a book that you love and list the guidance you want to follow on a daily basis. Make your notes then have that guidance become you. When that happens expand your awareness.

The key here is to have these ideas become part of who you are. There is a process and this is the entire motivation behind Manifest Mastermind –the awareness of what is involved in shifting thought.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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One More Thing

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