Manifesting Health – Controversial

[I just published information on another blog about pain – physical pain and specifically migraines. Here is the link:]

I discovered that I found myself in the area of “past programmed thinking”. ” If I am experiencing physical pain, then I believe there is a sequence of steps that are likely to work”. For example,  If I break my leg , I appreciate the technology used in resetting the leg and allowing it to heal. If on the other hand I have a headache, then it may not be so clear as to the actions I should take. That is what the other blog post is about that led me to writing this article.  Let’s look at it another way:

How much of what we do is based on our belief system?   All of it actually. I remember listening to a story of a well known person visiting a spiritual leader in the Himalayas . During the course of the meeting the spiritual leader demonstrated the result of thinking about physical substances. I don’t recall the drug used but it was commonly found and illegal in most countries. This leader used it in their tea and in quantities that would not be recommended by experienced users.. There was no physical or mental change. None. ( I am not recommending you try this at home. I am also not telling you what to do.)

Is this surprising? At the time I learned about this I was surprised.

Did you ever hear about the lady that lifted a car to save a child? Did you ever hear about Jesus feeding thousands with three fishes and seven loaves of bread? Did you ever read about Moses parting the Red Sea?

Do you think these were stories fabricated by CNN?

Do You think God says   “I gift to you the power to turn water into wine and withhold that power from someone born in New York or New Delhi?”  I don’t believe so at all. The Divine Source of us, the Field, Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence cannot possibly discriminate.

Do you believe that Jesus turned water into wine? I do! I also believe it was his intention to show us what was possible. Basically he said I can do this and you can do more!

Now what does this have to do with health? Simply this: what we believe it true. If you feel eating a certain food will add to your weight, it will. If you think you changed your thinking about that, but you really haven’t you will continue to gain weight.

For example, I love essential oils and products made with essential oils. I have used them for more than 10 years. I feel they benefit me. Guess what, they do. Now is it because of the oils or my belief system? To be honest my belief system includes accepting certain biological segments of information about what influences our body. Is that true? Guess it is true for me because that is the way I view it.

Jesus didn’t have any childhood ailments that took his life. He was here for a purpose. He demonstrated that purpose. So did many others. And you?

Acknowledge your purpose then live it!

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May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

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