All of us and all physical things have a measurable vibrational setting that is being sent out.  Human vibration changes based on how we feel. Michael Losier, author of The Law of Attraction likes saying “the family that vibrates together stays together”. Of course this means it works when we are in the same vibrational range.  If one person in is in love and the other in anger, they are at opposite ends of the vibrational scale.

Our vibrational guidance is a great navigational device. However, we need to know how to use it which is where experience and discernment come into play. We absolutely know when something we are doing or thinking about doing is in alignment with who you are by the way it feels.  However, the advance reading can be confusing.

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Personally I have held positions that I thought I would love and didn’t. Alternatively I have often not wanted to go somewhere or attend an event, did so anyway and had a great time.

So how do you know?  You know by having a clear understanding of what you want and why.  This is the first step we offer guidance on in the course “7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams”.  It is also the first in-depth Guidance Process we provide members to Manifest Mastermind.

Today could be a good time to start with a clear definition of what you want.

You can do all that we offer you on your own.  But why would you want to when you have the power of positive group energy help you?

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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One More Thing

When we write about being on pupose, we often receive questions similar to “how do I find my purpose?” That is covered in detail in the first Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process delivered to our members and now available to you for a 30 Day Trial and all this for $1.00.  It is also addressed in our Free Course 7 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams.

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