Prosperity or Poverty It Is Your Choice

You  have the guidance system within to be at peace and experience  joy all the time. This is true regardless of any events going on around you.  Think about the person you know who is peace and love manifest.  This person is human and has experiences they do not prefer. But look into their eyes and you will see the Universe.

God does not hand out special cards that says ” you are love and peace and you are darkness and anxiety”  However most of us seem to be influenced by external events that we allow to influence how we feel.  While others seem to transcend all of that and remain peaceful.

Manifest Mastermind offers guidance on manifesting our individual dreams and desires.  I recently listened to a speaker who is also a popular author. I came to a pivot point.  A pivot point in basketball is phrase which means if you have the ball and are stopped you can pivot and direct that ball any way you choose.  My choice is to focus many of my discussions and writings on the image of our pure potentiality….what we are capable of being as individuals and the potential of the collective consciousness of freedom and peace.

I feel we are making this all too difficult. I feel it is natural for us to be at peace and “happy ever after” as written by Neale Donald Walsh.  We  allow life experiences to block that peace.   Why is that?  Why did the hippies in the 60’s fade with the mantras “give peace a chance” and “all we need is love”?  Was it because this group was associated with random sex and drugs?  We condemned this behavior and have we created a better world?   Seems to me we may not have made much progress with our judgments.

Before you click this off as advocating reckless behavior,  I stand for all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. That means unconditional love for all beliefs and behavior so long as the behavior respects the life of all to live in freedom and peace without interference.  This is the foundation of the Freedom and Peace Initiative started by Temple Hayes . Visit Life Rights for more information.

Image peace and harmony.  Manifest that by being peace and harmony. Be peace and harmony by not being judgmental.

We have exposure to the latest best selling authors, headlines in the press or on the Internet and we conclude suffering is expanding, that life is getting worse, and that pain is increasing.

Candidly I don’t know if any of that is factually  true or not true relative to the history of our race. What I do know is that because of technology, if someone commits a serious crime somewhere in the world we will know about it in hours.  I also know that countless loving conversations and activities that are occurring at the same time  are not and never will be reported.  So have conditions really changed? Or possibly is it that our awareness of those conditions has changed?

It is time for all of us and particularly the authors and teachers  to focus on the images of peace and harmony that are already within us.  This is not to suggest blind ignorance of life situations that we do not prefer.  But candidly we create our reality and we can resolve to create a new reality for ourselves.  As collective consciousness we can solve life situations that affect many like war, famine and economic turmoil.

It is our choice…focus on our potentiality or focus on what we call problems that are in God’s eyes  life situations that we can choose to let go.  God chooses not to experience judgment, anger, frustration,  anxiety.  God creates and allows.  As individual manifestations of God, so can we.

Everything in between us arriving and leaving the physical plane will be as we create it. The only disconnect is not understanding how we create our reality here.  When we do arrive at that understanding and allow our consciousness to be that understanding,  our life will take off.

My highest thought, as is yours, is where we know what God thinks, feels and acts in every situation. We are candles of the Sun meaning we are part of God.  As we identify  where our daily self varies from our highest thought and close that gap, we then become our intended purpose on the physical plane and are creating our intended reality.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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