Oprah Asks: Are You Open To Success and Happiness

Standing in the grocery store checkout I noticed the headline on the cover of Oprah. The question was in bold: “Are You Open To Success and Happiness”?

Earlier that day I listened to a story told by Rev. Temple Hayes, Senior Minister of First Unity and wonderful friend. She cited a quote whose author I don’t remember “If your hair is messed up, you don’t comb the mirror”. It was early and some people listening didn’t understand that this meant, don’t place blame and accept the responsibility for your life including how happy you are.

Last night (the same day) I grabbed a tape from my collection to listen to as I was drifting off and it was Earl Nightingale. He was reminding me that happiness comes from within.

Some refer to special messages as God tapping on your door. When you receive three related messages in the same day I call that God hitting you over the head with a 2×4 and saying pay attention!

What is the lesson? Simple actually. Happiness comes from with in. Don’t look to outer sources for your supply of happiness. Anything we judge as being the cause of our happiness is usually short lived.

In the book Money and The Law of Attraction on page 172 is a quote I love and is one you may have heard me use on a You Tube video recorded around the holidays. Abraham Hicks says

“We encourage you to decide as early in life as possible, that your dominant intent and reason for existence is to live happily ever after.”

Our reason for existence is to live happily ever after. Nobody told me that. What would happen if we taught that from birth?

Back to Oprah. Why would Oprah ask “Are You Open To Success and Happiness?” I believe she asks because so many of us seem to think being really happy all the time qualifies us for special care in an institution. I look at it differently. When we are genuinely happy, we attract special loving care from many and in surprising ways.

Have you ever started your day making a commitment to be happy? You can and I am doing so more often because I am a person who was not taught living happily ever after is the goal. I am like many people still looking outside myself for sources of happiness.

Now, I am open to success and happiness. I am open to receiving. I am open to being all that I can be including living happily ever after.

When you wake up in the morning take a minute, be still, be grateful and make a commitment to yourself to practice the thought of being open to success and happiness.

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